Find a Temp

How can Hawaii Smiles Help You?

Absent workers equates to lost productivity and lost dollars. It can also lead to frustrated and unhappy clients due to long wait times or the need to reschedule appointments. If this happens frequently enough, in the long term, this can lead to permanently losing unhappy clientele. Don’t let an absent worker affect your bottom line. An average hygienist can generate $1500 per day. A highly trained and skilled hygienist can generate more. Can you afford to lose this revenue?

Our team consist of experienced hygienist ready to help your office. Our hygienist are not only highly experienced in their field, they are skilled in the art of temporary work and making your patients feel comfortable and secure. We also understand the importance of employee morale and office dynamics and our staff’s goal is to keep your office running at maximum efficiency.

Dental office productivity is dependent on the many moving parts comprised of your staff. Hawaii Smiles can help you with Dental Assistants, Dental Front Desk, and Financial Coordinators to keep your office running smoothly. Don’t let overworked employees drag down morale and productivity because ultimately, the consequence is a hit to your bottom line and dollars out of your pocket.

Hawaii Smiles can help with temporary placements from half a day, to one day, one week, one month, or long term temporary placements for maternities extended vacations, or to keep your office running smoothly while you search for a permanent employee.

Don’t want to sift through resumes and waste time interviewing duds? We can also help you with permanent placements! We only send experienced, skilled candidates and every resume you receive from us is a winner!

Need a Dentist to temp, supervise hygiene, or as a permanent partner? Give us a call to find out more!