Find a Job

Are you looking for a new job? Are you trying to relocate to Hawaii? We may be able to help and we would love to talk to you! Hawaii Smiles can help you find a permanent part-time or full-time job. Many of our job openings are not posted on job boards and are exclusively through our agency. Also, we are made aware of many openings weeks before it is posted on other job boards. We can also help match you to an office that fits well with what you are looking for.

Interested in temping for flexibility or while you job hunt or to supplement your current job with extra days? We can offer you competitive pay and various locations close to your home. There is no commitment to our agency or to work a minimum number of days. Choose your days according to your schedule!

Enjoy traveling inter-island? We also offer temp days throughout the islands with fully paid travel expenses or travel stipends!

Interested in learning more? Please call us!